Homogeneous reactivity

Nos recherches portent sur l’étude des processus d’oxydation en phase gazeuse, liés en particulier aux radicaux OH (principal oxydant de l’atmosphère le jour), HO2 (impliqué dans les cycles d’oxydation atmosphérique) et RO2 (issus de l’oxydation des composés organiques volatils COV par OH).


Our research focuses on the study of oxidation processes in the gas phase, in particular related to OH radicals (main oxidant of the atmosphere during the day), HO2 (involved in atmospheric oxidation cycles) and RO2 (from the oxidation of volatile organic compounds VOC by OH).

This research is mainly focused on an experimental approach, the development of innovative laboratory and field devices coupling different techniques, in particular laser techniques (cw-CRDS, FIL).

For the measurement of kinetic parameters of atmospheric interest (reaction rate constants, product yield), we have different laboratory devices:

  •     Coupling of laser photolysis reactors and detection by Laser Induced Fluorescence (IDF), continuous wave Cavity Ring Down Spectroscopy (cw-CRDS), Fluorescence Assay by Gas expansion (FAGE)
  •     Coupling of a flow tube and detection by IDF, cw-CRDS, Mass Spectrometry

The FAGE system is also used during field campaigns for the quantification of OH, HO2 and RO2 radicals in free atmosphere and the measurement of OH reactivity.

The results obtained in the laboratory and in the field allow to improve and validate the atmospheric chemical mechanisms.

Contacts : Christa Fittschen (christa.fittschen()univ-lille.fr), Laure Pillier (laure.pillier()univ-lille.fr), Coralie Schoemaecker (coralie.schoemaecker()univ-lille.fr)