18th Healthy Buildings Europe

Aachen, Germany
Every second year, in years with no Indoor Air conference, Healthy Buildings conferences bridge the gaps between science and practice. It is one of the most influential conferences on sustainable solutions for the healthy and sustainable indoor environment. We have set up an interesting program and are finally enabling on-site attendance with all the benefits of in persona conferences like social interaction, fruitful discussions, and personal exchange. We plan to offer dedicated parallel online sessions to reach out to the whole science community! Healthy Buildings Europe 2023 is organized by University Hospital RWTH Aachen and RWTH Aachen University under the auspices of ISIAQ (International Society for Indoor Air Quality). <header>

Beyond disciplinary boundaries

</header> The conference theme is “Beyond disciplinary boundaries – Transdisciplinary perspectives on multisensory stimulation for innovative and creative solutions in a Post-Covid era.” and is reflected in both the conference topics as well as the committee. The last decades offered a multitude of knowledge gained and solutions developed within individual disciplines. The sensible application thereof however requires a holistic understanding of interdependencies between and across disciplines. At the same time, current crises, such as climate change and COVID-19 pandemic, show the need for inter- and transdisciplinary collaboration to shape the future of healthy and stimulating built environments. pour en savoir plus https://www.ukaachen.de/kliniken-institute/hb2023-europe/about/welcome-to-hb-europe-2023/

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