Nuclear safety: chemical kinetics, combustion, reactivity

Head : Florent LOUIS
Co-head : Frédéric COUSIN

The research team results from collaborative research activities initiated in 2006 between the PC2A laboratory and the "Pôle de Sûreté Nucléaire" from the "Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire" IRSN on topics relative to the thermodynamics and chemical reactivity of specific compounds. The complimentary and the skills of both partners allowed to make long-lasting this collaboration by creating in 2009 the common research laboratory IRSN/CNRS/Lille1 C3R "Chemical Kinetics, Combustion, and Reactivity". The research activities concern problems covering a wide spectrum of the homogeneous and heterogeneous reactivity using different approaches (experimental, molecular simulations, modelling). The main objectives of the led researches are to validate the estimations of radio-contaminant releases if a severe nuclear power plant accident type Chernobyl and the more recent Fukushima disaster was to occur.

Several research activities are now under study :

Topic 1 : Iodine chemistry from the power plant to the atmosphere
Topic 2 : Interaction of gaseous iodine with sodium aerosols
Topic 3 : Revolatilisation of fission products deposits
Topic 4 : Gaseous iodine compounds metrology

Last publications of our team:

1) Reactivity of Hydrogen Peroxide with Br and I Atoms

2) MS-CASPT2 study of the ground and low lying states of CsH+

3) Investigation of the Reaction Mechanism and Kinetics of Iodic Acid with OH Radical Using Quantum Chemistry

4) Caesium hydride: MS-CASPT2 potential energy curves and A1Σ+→X1Σ+ absorption/emission spectroscopy

Staff members

Researchers Lille1 : Fèvre-Nollet V. (MCF HDR), Gasnot L. (PR), Lebègue P. (MCF), Louis F. (MCF, HDR), Pauwels J.F. (PREm), Petitprez D. (PR), Ribaucour M. (MCF, HDR)
Engineer-researcher IRSN : Cantrel L. (IC), Cousin F. (IC), Girault N. (IC), Grégoire A.C. (IC), Mun (IC), Souvi S. (IC), Vola D. (IC)
Administrative/Technical staff ITA-CNRS et BIATSS-Lille1 : Allouti F. (IR), Batut S. (IE), Demaux P. (AI), Hombert O. (T)
Post-Doctoral fellows :  Khiri D. (Labex CaPPA), Villard A. (ANR RSNR MiRE)
Ph-D students : Fortin C. (bourse Lille1/IRSN 2018*), Jadon A. (bourse IRSN 2018*)

Undergraduate students : Rotari A. (Licence 3, 2018), Lemoine G. (Licence 3, 2018), Lafont C. (ENSCM, 2018)

(* soutenance prévue)

PR : Professeur des Universités ; PREm : Professeur des Universités Emérite ; MCF : Maître de Conférences ; HDR : Habilité à Diriger des Recherches ; IR : Ingénieur de Recherche ; IE : Ingénieur d'Etude ; AI : Assistant-Ingénieur ; T : Technicien

Contracts and ongoing collaborations

PIA MiRE "Mitigation des Rejets à l’Environnement en cas d’accident nucléaire" (ANR-00-RSNR0013-01), 2014-2019
PIA Labex CaPPA "Chemical and Physical Properties of the Atmosphere" (ANR-11-LABX-0005-01), 2013-2022
Pr. Ivan Cernusak, Comenius University in Bratislava (Slovakia)
Dr. Michel Rossi, Paul Scherrer Institute, Villingen (Switzerland)
Pr. Ted Dibble, New York State University, Syracuse (USA)

Ph-D in progress

Interactions between radio-nuclides and sodium aerosols formed during an accident in a sodium-cooled nuclear reactor

Keywords : iodine-containing compounds, aerosols, sodium, nuclear reactor

Funding : Lille1/IRSN

Ph-D student : Ankita JADON

Advisors : Denis PETITPREZ / Sidi SOUVI (IRSN) / Nathalie GIRAULT (IRSN)

Modelling of the interactions of iodine with atmospheric aerosols

Keywords : atmospheric iodine, aerosols, modelling, chemistry-transport, reactivity at the molecular level

Research program linked to the subject : PIA Labex CaPPA

Funding : Lille1/IRSN

Ph-D student : Camille FORTIN

Advisors : Florent LOUIS et Valérie FEVRE-NOLLET

Post-doctoral fellowships in progress

Iodine oxides and nitroxides speciation in cas of nuclear accident

Keywords : iodine oxides, iodine nitroxides, speciation, theoretical chemistry

Research program linked to the subject : PIA RSNR MiRE, PIA Labex CaPPA

Funding : MiRE

Post-doctoral fellow : Arnaud VILLARD

Advisor : Florent LOUIS

Theoretical study of the reactivity of iodinated compounds and their degradation products

Keywords : organic iodinated compounds, reactivity, theoretical chemistry

Research program linked to the subject :PIA Labex CaPPA

Funding : Labex CaPPA

Post-doctoral fellow : Dorra KHIRI

Advisor : Florent LOUIS


Undergraduate internships in progress

Theoretical study of the thermochemical properties of brominated organic compounds

Keywords : brominated organic compounds, atmosphere, degradation products, theoretical chemistry, thermochemical properties

Research program linked to the subject : PIA Labex CaPPA

Duration: Licence 3 - 8 weeks

Undergraduate student: Anastasia ROTARI

Advisors: Florent LOUIS / Abderrahman EL BAKALI

Theoretical study of the thermochemical properties of iodinated organic compounds

Keywords : iodinated organic compounds, atmosphere, degradation products, theoretical chemistry, thermochemical properties

Research program linked to the subject:PIA Labex CaPPA

Duration : Licence 3 - 8 weeks

Undergraduate student: Geoffrey LEMOINE

Advisors: Marc RIBAUCOUR / Dorra KHIRI

Theoretical study of structure and energetics of fission products

Keywords : caesium metaborates, primary circuit, theoretical chemistry, theoretical properties

Research program linked to the subject:PIA Labex CaPPA

Duration: 8 weeks, chemical engineer second year at ENSCM

Undergraduate student: Cécile LAFONT

Advisor: Florent LOUIS


Guest researchers: Prof. Ivan CERNUSAK (Comenius University, Bratislava, Slovakia), Prof. Ted S. DIBBLE (State University of New York College of Environmental Sciences and Forestry, Syracuse, USA)

Post-doctoral fellows: Dr. Sarah KHANNICHE, Dr. Katarina SULKOVA, Dr. Michael BADAWI, Dr. Eddy THIRIOT, Dr. Bertrand XERRI

Ph-D thesis: Dr. Dorel OBADA, Dr. Jan SKOVIERA (co-tutelle avec la Slovaquie), Dr.  Faoulat MIRADJI, Dr. Adrien CARTONNET, Dr. Julien TRINCAL, Dr. Emmanuel MATHE, Dr. Romain VANDEPUTTE, Dr. Yathis DELICAT