Low temperature combustion and autoignition in engines

The group develops research on experimental characterization, and kinetic modeling of auto- and assisted ignition phenomena in high pressure environments.

To do so, experimental and kinetic modeling research is carried out in a Rapid Compression Machine on pure fuels and surrogates of practical fuels. Plasma-assisted ignition is also carried out by means of a nanosecond dielectric barrier discharge.

Detailed analysis of the same chemical mechanisms is alaos achieved at atmospheric pressure in permanent regime, using a stabilized cool flame burner, allowing for more complex diagnostics and chemical analyses.

The group collaborates with laboratories such as LRGP-Nancy, LPP-Palaiseau and EM2C-Paris in France, or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (USA), National University of Ireland (Galway), Institut für Verbrennung und Gasdynamik (IVG) (Germany) and Argonne National Laboratory (USA).

Form more information contact Guillaume Vanhove.